Solo Releases

  1. Preliminary Purification Before the Calling of Inanna
  2. Rapture of the Empty Spaces
  3. Contemplate This on the Tree of Woe
  4. A Most Effective Exorcism against Azagthoth and his Emissaries
  5. Slavery Unto Nitokris
  6. Shira Gula Pazu
  7. Kali Ma
  8. Curse the Sun
  9. Impalement and Cruxifuction of the Last Remnants of the Pre-Human Serpent Volk
  10. Dying Embers of the Aga Mass SSSratu

Saurian Exorcisms

Released April 14, 2009, The End Records
  1. Awaiting the Vultures
  2. Of the Sleep of Ishtar
  3. Luring the Doom Serpent
  4. Contemplations of the Endless Abyss
  5. The Elder God Shrine
  6. Temple of Lunar Ascension
  7. Dreaming Through the Eyes of Serpents
  8. Whence No Traveler Returns
  9. The Forbidden Path Across the Chasm of Self-Realization
  10. Beckon the Sick Winds of Pestilence

Saurian Meditation

Released October 26, 2004, Relapse Records

Nile Releases

  1. Kafir
  2. Hittite Dung Incantation
  3. Utterances of the Crawling Dead
  4. Those Whom the Gods Detest
  5. 4th Arra of Dagon
  6. Permitting the Noble Dead to Descend to the Underworld
  7. Yezd Desert Ghul Ritual in the
  8. Abandoned Towers of Silence
  9. Kem Khefa Khesef
  10. The Eye of Ra
  11. Iskander dhul Kharnon

Karl Sanders – Guitar, Vocals
Dallas Toler-Wade – Guitar, Vocals, Bass
George Kollias – Drums and Percussion

Guest Vocals – Mike Breazeale
Additional Guest Vocals – Pete Hammoura, Chief Spires, Jon Vesano, David Merideth.
Produced, Engineered and Mixed
by Neil Kernon for Auslander
Drums Recorded with Erik Rutan at Mana Recording Studios Tampa Fla
All other Tracking done at Serpent Headed Studios / OTB Greenville SC
Mixed at Rax Trax Recording Chicago
Additional Engineering by Serdar Ozturk
Mastered by Alan Douches

Those Whom The Gods Detest

Released 2009, Nuclear Blast
  1. What Can Be Safely Written
  2. As He Creates So He Destroys
  3. Ithyphallic
  4. Papyrus Containing The Spell To Preserve Its Possessor Against  Attacks From He Who Is In The Water
  5. Eat Of The Dead
  6. Laying Fire Upon Apep
  7. The Essential Salts
  8. The Infinity Of Stone
  9. The Language Of The Shadows
  10. Even The Gods Must Die

Karl Sanders – Guitars/Vocals/Baglama/Saz/Keyboards
Dallas Toler-Wade – Guitars/Vocals
George Kollias – Drums/Percussion

Recorded at the Soundlab
in Columbia SC,
Mixed at Rax Trax in Chicago.
Recorded, Mixed,
and Produced by Neil Kernon
Recording Engineer Bob Moore


Released 2007, Nuclear Blast
  1. Dusk Falls Upon the Temple Of The Serpent On The Mount of Sunrise
  2. Cast Down The Heretic
  3. Sacrifice Unto Sebek
  4. User-Maat-Re
  5. The Burning Pits Of The Duat
  6. Chapter Of Obeisance Before Giving Breath To The Inert One In The  Presence Of The Crescent Shaped Horns
  7. Lashed To The Slave Stick
  8. Spawn Of Uamenti
  9. Annihilation Of The Wicked
  10. Von Unaussprechlichen Kulten

Karl Sanders – Guitars/Vocals/Baglama/Saz/Keyboards
Dallas Toler-Wade – Guitars/Vocals
Jon Vesano – Bass/Vocals
George Kollias – Drums/Percussion

Mike Breazeale – Exorcism Chants and Pazuzu Bowl on “Chapter of Obeisance”

Recorded at the Soundlab
in Columbia SC, Mixed at Rax Trax in Chicago. Recorded, Mixed, and Produced by Neil Kernon
Recording Engineer Bob Moore

Annihilation Of The Wicked

Released 2005, Relapse Records

1. Blessed Dead
2. Execration Text
3. Sarcophagus
4. Kheftiu Asar Butchiu
5. Unas Slayer of the Gods
6. Churning the Maelstrom
7. I Whisper in the Ear of the Dead
8. Wind of Horus

9.   In Their Darkened Shrines:
I. Hall of Saurian Entombment
10. In Their Darkened Shrines:
II. Invocation to Seditious Heresy
11. In Their Darkened Shrines:
III. Destruction of the Temple of
the Enemies of Ra
12. In Their Darkened Shrines:
IV. Ruins

Karl Sanders – Guitars/Vocals
Dallas Toler-Wade – Guitars/Vocals
Tony Laureano – Drums

Jon Vesano – Additional Vocals
Mike Breazeale – Guest Vocals

In Their Darkened Shrines

Released 2002, Relapse Records
  1. Invocation Of The Gate Of Aat-Ankh-es-en-Amenti
  2. Black Seeds Of Vengeance
  3. Defiling The Gates Of Ishtar
  4. The Black Flame
  5. Libation Unto The Shades Who Lurk In The Shadows Of The Temple Of Anhur
  6. Masturbating The War God
  7. Multitude Of Foes
  8. Chapter For Transforming Into A Snake
  9. Nas Akhu Khan She En Asbiu
  10. To Dream Of Ur
  11. The Nameless City Of The Accursed
  12. Khetti Satha Shemsu

Karl Sanders – Guitars/Vocals
Chief Spires – Bass/Vocals
Dallas Toler-Wade – Guitars/Vocals
Pete Hammoura – Drums
Derek Roddy – Additional Drums

Black Seeds Of Vengeance

Released 2000, Relapse Records

This release is a re-release of Nile’s classic Festivals of Atonement and Ramses Bringer of War recordings. The whole purpose of putting both of these classic Nile recordings on to one re-issued CD is to help you, the fans, get ahold of these. They are currently out of print otherwise. Discography info can be found by clicking on the individual albums from the album menu…

In The Beginning

  1. Smashing The Antiu
  2. Barra Edinazzu
  3. Kudurru Maqlu
  4. Serpent Headed Mask
  5. Ramses Bringer Of War
  6. Stones Of Sorrow
  7. Die Rache Krieg Lied Der Assyriche
  8. The Howling Of the Jinn
  9. Pestilence And Iniquity
  10. Opening Of The Mouth
  11. Beneath Eternal Oceans Of Sand

Karl Sanders – Guitars/Vocals
Chief Spires – Bass/Vocals
Pete Hammoura – Drums/Vocals

Amongst The Catacombs Of Nephren Ka

Released 1998, Relapse Records
  1. The Howling Of The Jinn
  2. Ramses Bringer Of War
  3. Die Rache Krieg Lied Der Assyriche

Karl Sanders – Guitars/Vocals
Chief Spires – Bass/Vocals
Pete Hammoura – Drums/Vocals

Ramses Bringer Of War

Released 1997, Visceral Productions
  1. Divine Intent
  2. The Black Hand of Set
  3. Wrought
  4. Immortality Through Art/Godless
  5. Extinct

Karl Sanders – Guitars/Vocals
Chief Spires – Bass/Vocals

Pete Hammoura – Drums/Vocals

Festivals Of Atonement

Released 1995, Anubis Records

Ramses Bringer of War (Cassette)

1994 Demo cassette (Cassette)

Released 1994

Guest Appearance

Karl is playing lead on “Divergence”

Trigon Aion РMystery of the ̠thyr

Released 2011

Karl also played on Grave’s 2010 album Burial Ground on the track “BloodTrail”.

Grave’s Burial Ground, track “BloodTrail”

Released 2010

Solo on the song “The Final War (Battle of Actium)” onEx Deo’s 2009 album Romulus.

Ex Deo’s Romulus, track “The Final War (Battle of Actium)”

Released 2009

Amarna Sky Rising Heresy

Released 2006

Guest on Behemoth’s 2004 CD release, Demigod, playing a guitar solo on the track “XUL”

Behemoth’s Demigod, track “XUL”

Released 2004

Guitar solo at the end of the track “God of Our Own Divinity” by Morbid Angel, on their 2003 album Heretic.

Morbid Angel’s Heretic, track “God of Our Own Divinity”

Released 2003
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