Online Guitar Lessons

Here’s how it works.

  • Online Lessons are     45.00 $    for 45 minutes
  • the lessons are suitable for ALL LEVELS
  • the lessons are based on the students individual needs
  • students can choose the topic or topics in which they are interested
    all the lessons are “no-nonsense” “straight to the point” in plain English suitable for all ages/skill levels
    I in fact do play guitar professionally, make albums, and tour the world – and I can help you learn the skills and mindset  it takes to do exactly the same.

That goes beyond merely shredding up the guitar. It also takes songwriting /arranging skills, business sense, marketing /networking savvy, and an lots of old fashioned hard work,  sacrifice and perseveranc. Let me help you conquer the world!

Here are some typical  topics of the webcam lessons

  • Extreme Guitar techniques – Devastating rhythms and blazing leads
  • Improvisation and understanding of Scales and modes over various chord progressions and styles
  • How to construct guitar parts and build leads
  • Guitar Technique development (Alternate Picking, Sweep picking, Tapping)
  • Arpeggios and  chords and their use in songs and improvisation
  • Helpful, Useful, no-nonsense Explanation of Theory, harmony, rhythm , song writing and Music Production
  • the best method of torturing , killing , and disposing of your bass player
  • yes , I will show people “How do you actually play such and such Nile song”, if I can remember myself how it goes.. Nile has a seriously large catalogue of songs but I don’t tab out other bands songs. I don’t have enough time in the day for that sort of thing. There are lots of other teachers who do have the time and are willing.
  • Yes, I do answer music biz type questions, and anything else related to your career development. I have gained an incredible amount of hard-earned experience in that area, professional career stuff that just isn’t taught ( or known ) by people who haven’t actually done it. It’s a topic that does in fact crop up quite a lot when I give lessons.

What’s the process to sign up for the webcam lessons

  • You email me at and we will agree for the day and time to do the lesson.
  • Lessons with me are one at-a-time ,  if you need/ want additional lessons that’s fine ; but because of my insane schedule , I have learned its best to schedule each lesson individually.
  • Lessons are pre-paid using PayPal. The cost of lesson  is 50 dollars and the duration is 45 minutes.
  • Generally , I am willing to schedule a lesson any day and time that we can work out , obviously except if I am on tour or recording (email me at )

Here’s a list of the gear you need for the on line lessons:

  1. High speed internet connection
  2. Webcam
  3. Skype
  4. PayPal
  5. Don’t forget your guitar !

If you want to discuss lessons or you have further questions or would like to book a lesson, please contact me at

Let me help help you become the best guitarist you can be!

Guitar Lessons

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Karl Sanders is a world-renowned professional recording and touring musician, offering a unique opportunity to benefit from his knowledge and experience.

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Guitar Lessons

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