Here’s how it works.

  • 1 on 1 in-person lessons while I am on tour in YOUR city   are  50 $  or 50 eu  for 30 minutes.
  • the lessons are suitable for ALL LEVELS
  • the lessons are based on the students individual needs
  • students can choose the topic or topics in which they are interested
  • all the lessons are “no-nonsense” “straight to the point” in plain English suitable for all ages/skill levels
  • I in fact do play guitar professionally , make albums , and tour the world – and I can help you learn the skills and mindset  it takes to do exactly the same.

That goes beyond merely shredding up the guitar. It also takes songwriting /arranging skills, business sense, marketing /networking savvy, and an lots of old fashioned hard work, sacrifice and perseverance.

Let me help you conquer the world!

Here are some typical  topics of the on tour lessons

  • Extreme Guitar techniques – Devastating rhythms and blazing leads
  • Improvisation and understanding of Scales and modes over various chord progressions and styles
  • How to construct guitar parts and build leads
  • Guitar Technique development (Alternate Picking, Sweep picking, Tapping)
  • Arpeggios and  chords and their use in songs and improvisation
  • Helpful, Useful, no-nonsense Explanation of Theory, harmony, rhythm , song writing and Music Production
  • the best method of torturing , killing , and disposing of your bass player
  • yes , I will show people “How do you actually play such and such Nile song” if I can remember myself how it goes………. Nile has a seriously large catalogue of songs but I don’t tab out other bands songs. I don’t have enough time in the day for that sort of thing. There are lots of other teachers who do have the time and are willing.
  • yes, I do answer music biz type questions, and anything else related to your career development. I have gained an incredible amount of hard-earned experience in that area, professional career stuff that just isn’t taught (or known) by people who haven’t actually done i . It’s a topic that does in fact crop up quite a lot when I give lessons.

Here’s a list of the gear you need for the on tour lessons:

  1. Your guitar
  2. A Pencil ,  Blank Tab Paper

Lessons on tour by inherent necessity have the additional  logistical considerations:

  • on tour  lessons are also setup in advance with pay pal via the same nileguitarlessons@gmail.com,
  • lessons on tour in the US are paid in advance, lesson on tour abroad are cash at the time of lesson .
  • the pay pal payment is what guarantees your time slot- which means that particular timeslot  is UNAVAILABLE for some one else I have found that people who pay in advance GENERALLY show up on time for their lesson . I have to do it that way – because my days on tour are very tightly scheduled. Lessons abroad, by contrast, are not guaranteed time slots. See below for details.
  • The cities/dates  available correspond exactly with the Nile tour schedule,  always available at http://www.KarlSanders.net and http://www.nile-catacombs.net
  • Lessons on tour may be in wildly varying locales – every venue is different . One day I might be giving lessons backstage, the next day on the tour bus, some days in the dining hall, I have even given them in the hotel room if need be. Every day on tour is a different set of circumstances, and I will make the judgment as to the most appropriate place at /or near the venue to hopefully have a reasonably sane, un-interrupted lesson. However, please remember that these lessons are in the midst of a tour – on show days.  My Nile band mates /Nile crew members / other support acts / local crew/promoters/ venue staff / security all have their own important jobs to do as well – and they are doing us a courtesy by allowing  us to use whatever space/ time made available for these lessons.
  • A guitar lesson on tour is a lesson with me / and that is the sum totality of the lesson arrangement. It does not includ, however tempting it may be; to extend the visit activities into inappropriate unauthorized areas. I do not mind if students stay for soundcheck; however this is NOT an invitation to videotape our soundcheck and post it on youtube. A guitar lesson is also not an invitation to remain unescorted backstage or on our Tour bus. While the student is in the venue during pre-show activities, I am held by the band defacto accountable for the students behavior. Please don’t do anything that would make my tour mates regret allowing me to give lessons while on tour. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation .
  • If the tour date is anywhere overseas , ergo, there was an airplane flight involved at some point to make the journey = then because of baggage restrictions, I will NOT have with me the usual stuff I would bring on tour in the US. Keeping my over weight baggage fees ( already a fortune just to get our band gear on the flight )  to a reasonable minimum  means I wont be bringing vast supplies of lesson books, student tabs, blank student tab paper  or blank chord diagrams, etc etc etc.  I am not bringing my dry erase board, my PC with Guitar Tab Pro , my printer for printing out tabs, my awesome monitors or ANYTHING . Its me, my guitar,  and hopefully my little backstage practice amp .  So , I would suggest bringing a pencil and some tab paper . And a guitar .But please don’t bring anything more –  I doubt you will need your amp , and  it’s a pain in the ass to carry around at a metal show.
  • very important – In the US , the bus companies we use work directly for Nile , thus it is fairly dependable that the band will arrive when we are scheduled to. And that makes it possible to have a reasonably dependable , consistent lesson schedule (remember, this is a Metal Tour we are talking about so the phrase “reasonably dependable”  is often subject to unforeseen acts-of-god intervention) However, in Europe, and elsewhere abroad, the bus companies ( or the airlines ) that transport the band are not employed directly by the band . Therefore, I do not take advance  paypal,  because I cannot reasonably guarantee what time I will arrive on any given day. Lessons must be, by necessity ,  cash at the time of the lesson. The arrangement process is still the same;  we will arrange the date and time via nileguitarlessons@gmail.com , but the exact time I may have available in my day may be subject to a degree of variability  on some days  -  particularly in winter time with the possibility of weather –related bad road conditions . If on some day for some random-bizarre-beyond-human-control circumstance the tour bus doesn’t show up till extremely late,  it is conceivable I might not be able to give lessons that day.

OK   if you understand all that and getting a killer guitar lesson on the day of the Nile show is something you are interested in – I would love to meet you and help you in any way I can to improve  your guitar playing/musicianship.

I have been doing lessons on tour for a couple of years now, and it usually always is a blast.
Let me help you Conquer the World!

If you want to discuss lessons or you have further questions or would like to book a lesson,
please contact me at nileguitarlessons@gmail.com

Let me help you become the best guitarist you can be!

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